6.20.19 An interview with my friend Samantha Allen about her new book, Real Queer America, up at LARB.

4.5.19 Belatedly, very belatedly, a brief entry about me goes up on Wikipedia.

4.6.18  An essay of mine about The Radicals and where it came from—up at The Daily Beast. 

3.28.18  An essay-review of The Radicals in The Los Angeles Review of Books. 

3.9.18  A review of The Radicals in The Minneapolis Star Tribune. 

2.26.18  An excerpt of The Radicals, published in LitHub. 

2.20.18  A couple more reviews—up at Medium and Bookreporter

2.16.18  An essay-manifesto, on the possibility of "literatainment," appears in The Los Angeles Review of Books.

2.16.18  A short essay on the music that inspired and made its way into The Radicals—up at Largehearted Boy.

2.14.18  A little essay of mine on The Radicals and protest culture generally—up at Signature. 

2.14.18  A great piece on The Radicals in Vanity Fair. 

2.13.18  The Radicals "drops," as the kids say—and joins the picks of the week in Publishers Weekly.

2.8.18  A Q&A in The Tampa Bay Times about The Radicals and what I'm reading these days.

1.18.18  A short essay of mine on coffee and politics, up at Medium. 

12.19.17  A starred review of The Radicals up at Publishers Weekly.

12.7.17 An early review of The Radicals, from Kirkus

6.9.17  An essay-review of Ian Harding's Odd Birds, up on The Los Angeles Review of Books. 

6.6.17 An interview with Patrick Madden—or maybe a joint essay in the form of an interview?—up on Prairie Schooner. 

4.1.17  An essay-review of Patrick Madden's Sublime Physick in the Spring 2017 Prairie Schooner. 

10.16.16  A wide-ranging interview I conducted with Jonathan Lethem, over at The Los Angeles Review of Books. 

4.12.16  An essay-review of Shawn Vestal's Daredevils in The Los Angeles Review of Books. 

2.1.16  A storyish-essayish thing of mine appears in the weird and wonderful compilation, The Last Novel Ever Published.

10.1.15  An essay of mine on Zadie Smith appears in the Fall 2015 Post Road. 

1.20.15  An essay-ode to Nicholson Baker up at The Believer.

9.1.14  A literary essay of mine appears in the Fall 2014 Post Road.

12.3.13  Elders out in paperback! A brief reflection at Read It Forward.

9.21.13  An essay-review of Elders at The Los Angeles Review of Books.

9.19.13  A podcast interview with Mormon Stories.

7.26.13  An essay of mine on craft in The Rumpus.  

7.16.13 Elders makes the longlist for The First Novel Prize from the Center for Fiction!

5.12.13  A radio interview on Atheist Talk in Minnesota (AM 950 KTNF).

4.30.13  A brief interview on Writers Digest.

4.29.13  A review on A.V. Club.

4.4.13  An interview on Fresh Air with Terry Gross.

3.31.13  A review in The Idaho Statesman.

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3.28.13  A brief review in The New York Times.

3.26.13  A belated (but positive) review in Publishers Weekly.

3.25.13  A brief shout-out in Entertainment Weekly.  

3.22.13  The fifth installment of an interview with KUSC.

3.21.13  An essay I wrote about fandom in general, Marilynne Robinson in particular—up at Tin House.

3.21.13  The fourth installment of an interview with KUSC.

3.20.13  An essay I wrote about the music that helped inspire Elders—up at Largehearted Boy.

3.20.13  The third installment of an interview with KUSC, featuring a brief reading from Elders.

3.19.13  The second installment of an interview with KUSC.

3.18.13 The first installment of a five-part interview on KUSC.

3.17.13  A review in The Boston Globe.

3.16.13  A watch-list in L.A. Magazine that includes Elders.

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 3.14.13  A review in The Daily Beast.

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3.9.13  An interview on Shelf Awareness.

3.4.13  A story of mine, “Adagio,” in Five Chapters—the first of five daily installments.

3.1.13  An essay-review in Slate that features Elders.

2.28.13  A review of Elders in Kirkus Reviews.

2.28.13  An article on the three Rutgers MFA alumni, including yours truly, who will release their books on the same day!